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The Adventures of Dash by Vera-Rose

Through the light in the dark sky, the portal opened. She hovered over the table looking into the keyhole jars. They were windows to a different world. She flew towards the portal and she zoomed into it.
The mystery portal reopened in the new sky and the travelling witch rode her broomstick into a strange world. However, it was a surprising land that had never been seen in the keyhole jars before.
Square shaped bushes appeared as she got closer to the undiscovered island. They were sparkly glitter trees that surrounded a pixie dust waterfall and a golden lake. The snowy mountains reached to the rainbow coloured sky but the pyramid peak was covered with candy floss clouds. The peak was collapsing under the weight of the giant snowballs.
The curious witch, named Dash, was stunned as she blinked at the dazzling fairy. The fairy had a stripy long dress that the witch admired, then she spotted her rainbow socks and she was so jealous, that her soft face turned red!
The witch noticed her charming, shimmering wings which had lots of patterns on them. The witch said, “I really like your silky, icy, blonde hair”. The Fairy, whose name was Snowflake, was surprised in shock because the witch was so sweet.
Snowflake’s cheeks turned rosy red, as her mouth turned up to a happy smile. Her eyes almost started to cry, they began to shine like glass. Snowflake’s petite nose prepared to change colour to orange and her pointy ears, which were like the witch’s, started to spin around. One of them fell off onto her black polished shoes. The fairy had to pick it up and put it back on again.
As the fairy looked at the witch she noticed that she had earrings on her pointy ears. Dash said “Pardon, I can’t hear you honey,” as she put her hand around her ear. “OK” in a loud voice, said Snowflake.
She smells like fresh roses, but then, I always smell fresh roses with my pointy nose thought the witch.
Then Snowflake spotted the dark black spiders on the witch’s brown t- shirt, it made her so scared that she burped! The witch’s skort made her quite jealous, it was red with cauldron pictures on it.
As the sun went down and it became night time, the Fairy noticed that Dash’s purple skin started to glow. It looked like a bright light.
Suddenly, at that exact moment, adventurous Dash said “Let’s use my light to climb up the mountain!” Dash quickly grabbed a rope and decided to climb up the snowy mountain, she left her powerful broomstick behind. Before the fairy knew it, Dash was already halfway up the mountain. She shouted down to her new friend Snowflake, “Let’s go and have a picnic dinner on top of the mountain because it has a nice view of this land!” Snowflake was frightened because she could see a rockfall on the other side of the mountain.
As Snowflake quickly grabbed the full basket, she flew franticly upwards. “It’s a bit wobbly here” cried Dash as she shook from the vibrations. Snowflake yelled “I think you should come down now, because the rope is going to snap!”
As Dash fell, her rainbow hair was camouflaged by the sky. It looked like she was bald! Snowflake was worried that Dash would be hidden in the snow. Snowflake gasped and looked for the witch in the snow. Luckily, Dash’s skin glowed under the snow and Snowflake saw the purple light, she dug to the purple glow and found Dash. “At last, I found you!” sighed Snowflake. “I was never hiding!” giggled Dash.
Dash said “I’m not going to do that again!” Dash’s ears started to twitch and suddenly the jars split open and the portal above the mountain disappeared. “Oh no!” gasped Dash. Snowflake said “You can’t go home now!” with a cheeky smile as she thought Dash would stay with her. Snowflake said “You better stay with us”, with a big smile as her ears twisted around and fell off on Dash’s shoes. Dash picked up the ears and put them back on Snowflake’s head as she said with a big grin, “Let’s go home and get some stickytape.”