Di is smiling. Her long dark brown hair is wavey and blowing gently in the breeze. She is wearing an aqua blouse and navy jacket.

Di Van der Walt
Managing Director and Principal Speech Pathologist 

Di has a passion for helping all children to be able to communicate and to reach their full potential in reading and spelling.
She believes that communication and literacy are basic human rights and every person has the right to a robust means of communication and good literacy instruction in order to achieve this.

In the words of David Yoder (ISAAC, 2000),

“No person is too anything to be able to read or write.”

Di started Perth Hills Speech Pathology five years ago and recently rebranded to Perth Hills Allied Health. 

Di has extensive experience in most areas of speech pathology for children with and without a disability.  She has also gained an ability to continue to work on goals in usual situations – bubbles and bikes in the garden or jumping on the trampoline to sitting at a table or on the floor in a child’s safe zone.

Di is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and a Hanen certified Speech Pathologist in the “ABC and Beyond™” program for educators of 3-5-year-old’s, the “It Takes Two to Talk®” and “More than Words®” parent programs.  She is also a trained instructor in “Sounds-Write” – a Systematic Sequential Phonics program and Talk for Writing.

Di and her hubby, Andre, have 2 children, Joshua and Caleb.  She also has 2 dogs and a cat.  They live in Roleystone.  Outside of work, Di loves being outdoors and has recently taken up trail running.  

Jackie Maunder
Speech Pathologist 

Jackie has a passion for working with children who ‘fall through the cracks’.  She is dedicated in finding out where the difficulties lie and then supporting the child and the family by offering practical strategies for incorporating language into daily tasks, book sharing and play.  . 

Jackie joined the Perth Hills Allied Health team in July, 2021.  She has many years of experience working with children, both as a Primary and Early Childhood Teacher and now as a Speech Pathologist.

Jackie is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.  She is trained in Talk for Writing and is currently completing training to be a  and a trained instructor in “Sounds-Write” – a Systematic Sequential Phonics program.  Jackie will be completing her training in Hanen, It Takes Two to Talk® in September, 2021.

Jackie and her husband, Jon have three adult children and are also foster parents. They enjoy spending time exploring new places and being creative.

Image of Jackie. She is smiling and her long blonde hair is blowing gently in the breeze. She is wearing an aqua blouse and black jacket.
An image of Deb, who is sitting at a table, holding a blue puppet. Deb has short brown hair and is wearing a grey and beige jumper. There is a small bucket of paintbrushes on the table.

Deb Wilkes
Art Therapist

Deb is a passionate Art Therapist experienced in working with children with Autism and ADHD using a holistic, child-centred approach. 

Deb has a background in Graphic Design, a Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy (BAP) and is currently studying a Master of Child Play Therapy.

As a devoted mum of 3 creative, sensory seeking children, Deb understands that using fun, creative play can assist children in reaching their goals.

Deb believes in a fun, play-based approach. Her research explores the use of clay in therapy for children with proprioception dysfunction. She is conscious about how using various art materials in therapy, with a focus on the process rather than the final product, can create neural pathways and increase cognition while providing a creative way of learning and reaching goals.

Karen Van Der Walt

Karen is passionate about helping children achieve the most out of life.  

She joins Perth Hills Allied Health with extensive experience in administration and receptionist roles.  Karen is well organised and ensures that everyone is greeted with a friendly smile when they come into our clinic.

Karen is wearing a floral blouse. She has short blonde hair and is smiling